Emanuel Lutheran Church

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Emanuel 1921 - 1952 located on Avenue A and Dartmouth Streets in Flint, Michigan

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Phone: 810-230-9313



Emanuel Lutheran Church began in the year 1919.ᴠthat time, a number of Lutherans of German descent petitioned the joint synod of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and other states for a pastor to serve them.鮠1920 the first pastor accepted the call to serve the small group, and services were conducted in the homes of different members.䨥 pastor stayed only a short time.鮠July of 1920, the congregation received its second pastor.室er this pastor৵idance, the first church building was erected on the corner of Avenue A and Dartmouth Streets.䨩s church served the congregation for 31 years.䨥 congregation built a school and parsonage, and on September 14, 1952, Emanuel moved into a new church at DuPont and McClellan Streets.

During the years at DuPont and McClellan, Emanuel was served faithfully by Pastor Jerome Spaude, under whose guidance the congregation built a new school and gymnasium onto the church and dedicated it on November 10, 1963.䨥 congregation grew, and in 1971 the church had a soul membership total of 792.孡nuel was also served by Pastors John Ruege, Donald Krause, Roland Welch, Larry Cooper, Gary Pieper, and Pastor Lockman.䨥 current pastor is Jeffrey Schmidt.

In 1991, the congregation purchased 34 acres of land at Beecher and Elms Road.䨥 congregation of Emanuel began worshiping in the current church in July of 1993.


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Emanuel 1952 located at DuPont and McClellan Streets in Flint, Michigan

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Our current church facility on Beecher Road in Flint Township